High end computing facility is available for users to install their cloud applications at nominal charges.

The domain of Smart Manufacturing is expected to open up a new opportunity in industrial consulting, especially with regard to identification and removal of bottlenecks in current operations. TheCEFC multi-disciplinary teams will undertake feasibility surveys, ROI analysis and process improvement studies for clients, prior to implementation and also post implementation.

It is expected that Skill Councils such as Automotive Skill Council, Capital Goods Skill Council, Industrial Automation Skill Council and Tool Rooms will be creating their unique set of Role based competencies. 

The CEFC will offer them and their Training Partners, a gap filling option for theory and practical, and a brand-agnostic independent certification.

The testing service will enable clients to test and debug problems before installing the solution at site.

Short-term education and training courses will be offered along with on-line learning and assessment tools to educators and users on a chargeable basis. All the 12 technology streams will be covered.

The CPS facility and the associated technologies will provide a one stop shop for users whose needs cut across multiple disciplines and who want to witness a comprehensive digital transformation before taking up for actual implementation. This will enable clients to experiment and innovate with an appropriate mix of standard and customised solutions.

Many times clients wish to test out the Proof-of-Concept on their actual production lines. The CEFC team assigned to the Client during concept formulation will undertake such site activities with a pool of industry solution providers and system integrators.

The research team will help users to bring uniqueness into their solution while providing adequate safeguards for IP protection. Users can sponsor prototyping or R&D projects as per their need. 

Fundamental and applied research on various technologies associated with the implementation of smart technology enabled manufacturing will be carried out in the CEFC enabling easy penetrating of the state-of-art technologies to the industries.

The initial period will be utilised for demonstration, surveys and sensitisation of various stakeholders to the possibilities of adapting the proposed solutions to the immediate needs of users.