On August 09, 2019 IITD-AIA Foundation for Smart manufacturing (FSM) in
collaboration with FICCI and IIOT India conducted an Awareness program on
Industry 4.0|SAMARTH Udyog Bharat 4.0 - an initiative of Department of Heavy
Industry (DHI), Ministry of HI & PE, Government of India.

The event primarily focused to be a holistic perspective for manufacturing industries,
to embark on the journey of Industry 4.0| SAMARTH Udyog and an assessment of
concerned company readiness for Industry 4.0|SAMARTH Udyog. The Program was
attended by 51 concerned delegates from relevant companies & academia who
attended a range of sessions conducted by professionals of the industry addressing
the problems arising in the field of manufacturing along with the applications of IIoT
in manufacturing Industry. During this event, the attendees shared their suggestions
& queries regarding the implementation of Industry 4.0|SAMARTH Udyog in an
effective manner.

The Awareness program witnessed decision makers from relevant companies,
Technical Advisors & academicians from prestigious Institutes coming together in
synergy. The Program Speakers enlightened about the opportunities for OEMs,
relevance for business owners, transformation of IT to OT and discussed various
case studies relevant to Indian manufacturing & future course for Industry
4.0|SAMARTH Udyog.

A live survey with the participants present was conducted. The participants in the
Awareness program on Industry 4.0 had an opportunity to assimilate ideas and
experience from Industry experts. Moreover, participants could avail suggestions and
could address their queries.