CEFC’s initial focus will be on discrete and hybrid manufacturing segments such as Automotive, Consumer Durables and Processed Foods, etc. These segments are reasonably well branded and carry aspirations of great Innovation, Quality and Customer loyalty.

  • The buzz of Industry 4.0 will be demystified for developers and users
  • During Phase 1 (current scope of DPR) we expect to impact approx 300 companies and 300 individual trainers through actual demonstrations, hands-on and site POC, during the period FY 18-20.
  • We expect a catapult adoption effect in Year 20-21 and beyond, when many more facilitators and implementers have found comfort in the proof-of- concept.
  • This will create a paradigm shift from ‘centralised production’ to ‘distributed ready to deliver’ production.
  • Employment patterns will change with many skilled jobs being dispersed throughout the consuming centres.
  • The pride in manufacturing will return for aspiring engineers and managers.
  • Closing the gap against foreign competition, the capital goods sector would be able to compete on technology, delivery and cost.
  • Regional education colleges, research centres and tool rooms will have an opportunity to align with the new wave and prepare themselves as solution centres for local industry. During Phase 2, our CEFC would be eminently placed to make this outreach happen.
  • SMEs will have access to technologies and talent. Combined with their drive for innovation, they could be the biggest beneficiaries