[August-2019] Awareness Programme on Industry 4.0  - Noida

[June-2019] Awareness Programme on Industry 4.0  - Vadodara

[February-2019] FSM Talks - CII Western UP Annual Session & 5th edition of conference 2019 on Innovation for Inclusion, New Delhi

[January-2019] Imtex 2019 Show at Bengaluru

[December-2018] IOT India 2018 Show at The Ashok, New Delhi 

[November-2018] German Delegation from Government of Germany visited at FSM

[October-2018] QCI and FSM meeting held at IIT-campus Delhi 

[September-2018] Participated in Smart Manufacturing Theme as "Making Technology work for India" on Industry Day, IIT Delhi 

[August-2018] Organised  "SAMART UDYOG "FSM" SEMINAR SERIES" on Industry4.0 at IIT, Delhi.

[May-2018] Launching shorty "Are you Ready" series of program for industry 4.0.

[April-2018] IAFSM meets COE at Tech institute at Achen.

[April-2018] DHI participate at at the Hannover fair. taken arrangement of Industry 4.0 at Hannover fair.

[April-2018] IAFSM participates at round the table on industry 4.0 organized by EEPC at Hannover fair.

[10-March-2018] IAFSM readies office and Cyber Physical Laboratory space at IIT Haus Khas Campus, New Delhi.

[10-March-2018] Member of FSM participates at International Engineering Sourcing Show in Chennai.

[Feb-2018] Increasing number of sponsors participate in the IAFSM program.

  [10-Dec-2017] FSM participates at ACMA ACT annual meet at Pune.