Project Design & Choice of Technologies

The proposed CEFC is envisaged as a multi-utility centre. It will comprise a set of smart machinery that will be interconnected to represent a miniature, but feature-rich production system. The National CEFC will act as a primary body to support Demonstration, Skilling, Prototyping and Integrated Solutions

Facility for Smart Technology Enabled Manufacturing.

  • showcase relevant and proven solutions from across the globe to aid the development of a Smart Technology Enabled Manufacturing (STEM) ecosystem

  • support Innovation, Experimentation and Proof of Concept for local start-ups and MSMEs

  • support skilling, training and certification, aligned with NOS for the heavy Industry and other discrete manufacturing sectors in tandem with IIOT

  • ideate solutions in context of growth aspirations of multiple sectors

  • set up a test bed for relevant research and adaption on the concept of I4.0