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Getting Automated…The Smart Way

SMEs constitute the backbone of manufacturing industry and the quality of their products impacts overall economic development and confidence of buyers. Government of India with its initiative 'Make-in-India' is infusing vigor into this sector to ensure progression in technology and manufacturing processes 

AIA conducts in-depth workshops for SME Clusters. Connect with us for step by step guidance towards the next big revolution, Industry 4.0

AIA conducts in-depth workshops for SME Clusters. Connect with us for step by step guidance towards the next big revolution, Industry 4.0

IITD-AIA CEFC Launch on 28-Aug-2017

Chief Guest: Shri Girish Shankar, Secretary DHI, Government of India

Venue: Senate Room, IIT Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and the Automation Industry Association (AIA) entered into a partnership in May 2017, to help India become a leading global player in the area of Smart Manufacturing. Both IITD and AIA signed an MoU for setting up a National Common Engineering Facility Center (CEFC) for Smart Technology Enabled Manufacturing.

AIA also signed a MoU with the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) to extend the benefits of the CEFC to its member companies.

The CEFC is proposed to comprise of a Cyber-Physical Factory at the Sonepat campus of IITD [30,000 sq. ft.] and a Research Lab at the Hauz Khas campus of IITD [1,500 sq. Ft.], with state of the art infrastructure, automation software and machines.

Technology enabled Manufacturing, or Industry 4.0 as it is referred is a revolution in manufacturing and consumption. It alters the way decisions are made regarding what to produce, where to produce, when to produce and how much to produce.

The collaboration is aimed to provide multiple services to Indian industries, from ideation to implementation, and also to develop a national educational curriculum and skill building program through a vibrant incubation and administrative environment.

Mandated guidelines for CEFC under SAMARTH Udyog :

  1. Awareness campaigns on Industry 4.0,
  2. Training for Master Trainers,
  3. Active Participation Provisions for Start-up/ incubators,
  4. Hand-holding of SMEs to plan and implement relevant Industry 4.0 projects to be done through consultancy services on chargeable basis,
  5. Collaborating with neighborhood Universities for student training/internship programmes,
  6. Involving industry in SPV membership model for sustainability,
  7. Participating in a Government formed platform for Industry 4.0 on common agenda
  8. To make adequate provisions for e-waste management,
  9. Involving as many clusters of Capital Good as possible